Bachelorette Party Games

Bachelorette parties are a whirlwind of fun, but can be a bear to plan. Of course everyone loves a good themed night out filled with penis straws and free drinks, but what should you do with the rest of your time? As a food and wine tour company we always love to suggest our tours as a fun activity to do! We have had the joy of hosting quite a few bachelorette parties over the last year. As the hosts, we always like to come prepared with some games (if everyone is up for playing them of course). After trying out many games with a variety of groups here are some of our favorites! Of course, we loved doing them on our food and wine tours, but these games would be great in any setting. The best part of these games? They’re free!!

bachelorette party.jpeg
  1. Wedding vow mad-libs:

    Help the bride write her vows in the funniest way possible!

    How it works: Download a printable version or copy and paste your favorite outline (just google wedding vow mad-libs). Print a copy for each participant, but don’t let the participants see the actual outline ahead of time. Have them turn over the paper and write a number for each blank space. Pick one person (in our case, the tour guide always does this part) and have them say what part of speech to write for each corresponding blank (i.e. verb, noun, adjective, etc.). At the end have the bride read each one aloud for all the laughs. Who knows, maybe she’ll even get some inspiration!!

  2. Bride trivia:

    Test the bridal party to see who really knows the bride the best. The bride can answer the questions along with everyone, but of course her answers will the serve as the answer key.

    How it works: You can find a list of personal trivia questions or come up with your own ahead of time. Have everyone write down their answers. Once you as all of the questions have the bride read her answers aloud!

  3. Dirty scattegories:

    This one is always good for a laugh! You can find a printable outline online pretty easily!

    How it works: Print a copy for each person. The word “Bride” will be at the top and each letter will have some lines underneath it. Letter by letter everyone will come up with words that correspond with the letter. Each person will read their words aloud and the bride will chose her favorite. The favorite word gets points, whoever has the most points at the end wins!

  4. Scavenger hunt:

    You can find a printable bachelorette scavenger hunt online or you can make it more personal by creating your own!

    How it works: Create your scavenger hunt! Of course you can find some online but it is always more personal if you create your own. Think of inside jokes that members of the bridal party may have with the bride, think about things that will be accessible in the area you plan to do the scavenger hunt, and think of things that will fun/silly to do! You can either divide into teams or do the whole scavenger hunt as a group! When we do these on our tours we always stick as a group and try to find things between our stops. Some favorites are taking pictures with strangers doing funny things or finding a landmark and doing something crazy in front of it!

  5. Anonymous date ideas:

    Some people choose to be thoughtful, others go for humor, and some are just crude, but it is all in good fun!

    How it works: Cut paper into small strips (not too small, people need to write on them!) or use popsicle sticks. Have each person write down as many date ideas as they can think of and have the bride read them aloud. *Pro-tip- this can easily be turned into a drinking game. Have the bride guess who gave her the date idea. If she gets it right, the person drinks, if she gets it wrong the bride drinks.

  6. How well does the couple know each other:

    Test the couple by seeing how well they know each other! Make sure to let the groom know how they measured up!

How it works: Send the groom a set of questions before the bachelorette party to answer. Bring the answers along, but give the bride a fresh copy of the same questions. Compare the answers to see how well the couple knows each other!